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Are you waiting for day surgery for your back and want to have it done quickly by one of the best spine surgeons in North America? A visit to our private back medical clinic will give you all your options to get back to your normal life faster.

Who Should Have Back Surgery at L5-S1?

People Waiting for Day Surgery on their Back

Have you been waiting for day surgery for your back for several months or have you just found out that you need surgery and would like to have it done quickly by one of the best spine surgeons in North America? You will have easy access to your one-day surgery, which will be performed in Quebec by one of the best spine surgeons in North America.

Aux personnes qui viennent consulter chez L5-S1 pour un problème de dos chronique et qui ont besoin d'une chirurgie

Vous souffrez d'une lombalgie facettaire, d'une lombalgie discogénique ou de tout autre type de lombalgie qui pourraient nécessiter une chirurgie du dos? Demandez un diagnostic afin de connaître les solutions et les meilleures options de traitements qui s'offrent à vous.

People Who Come to L5-S1 for a Chronic Back Problem and Who Need Surgery

Do you suffer from facet back pain, discogenic back pain or any other type of back pain that may require back surgery? Ask for a diagnosis to find out what the best treatment options are for you. If surgery is necessary to relieve your back pain, you will have rapid access to your surgery, which will be performed by one of the best spine surgeons in North America.

What Type of Surgery Are Available?

  • Day surgery for the back. This type of surgery does not require a hospital recovery period. You will be operated on and cared for by Dr. Jean-François Roy MD, FRCSC, one of the best spine surgeons in North America. The operation will take place in Montreal or Quebec City, in a state-of-the-art private operating room.

What Are the Steps Involved in Surgery?


Meeting with Dr. Roy MD, FRCSC

Your condition will be evaluated by one of the best back specialists in North America, Dr. Jean-François Roy MD, FRCSC. He will take the time to discuss your condition with you and you will be given a diagnosis without delay, which will allow him to ensure that you received the best treatment for your condition. You will know the best type of surgery that can be offered to you based on your diagnosis and you will have easy access to an appointment for your day surgery for the back.



Preparation for Surgery

You will be taken care of in all aspects of preparation for your surgery. We will tell you what additional tests you will need to have for your surgery, what specifications you will need to know before your surgery and how long you will need to recover from your surgery.



Your surgery will be performed by Dr. Jean-François MD, FRCSC, a spinal orthopedist for over 30 years. He is uniquely experienced in Canada, has a wealth of experience in many back treatments and practices innovative spine surgery techniques. Dr. Roy MD, FRCSC, has the most experience in North America in the treatment of discogenic back pain with over 1,800 lumbar prostheses installed on patients. Dr. Roy MD, FRSCS, is also one of the only surgeons in Canada who treats lumbar spondylolisthesis by decompression with mobile fixation (dynamic) rather than fusion.

Financing options are available at the L5-S1 private back medical clinic.
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